The Alice Wilds is a contemporary art gallery located in the neighborhood of Walker’s Point, Milwaukee. Established in 2017 and founded by John Sobczak and Tina Schinabeck, the gallery represents several mid-career and emerging artists. A borrowed name from a quiet shipwreck off the Lake Michigan shoreline, The Alice Wilds now rests contrary to this event, surviving through romantic lore and recollections of the hardships of her practical utility.

Home image:
Jon Horvath
Three plates from  Bottles and Tumbleweeds (As Collected on the Hwy 30 Turnoff), 2017
10″ x 8″, each

The Alice Wilds, LLC
900 S 5th St, Ste 102
Milwaukee, WI 53204
USA(+1) 414-635-0887

Gallery Hours
Thursday 11-8
Friday/Saturday 11-5
Sunday 11-3
Or by appointment

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John Sobczak – Director

Tina Schinabeck – Manager